Interesting Case Podium Session 2018

We will again offer a moderated podium session at the 2018 Annual Meeting for attendees to participate, share interesting cases, and gain experience.  The "Call to Submit Presentations" is now open!

Have you had an interesting patient or do you have a unique way of doing something? If you have a topic you would like to share in a professional forum at this year's UAPA Annual Meeting, please consider submitting your interesting case for presentation!

Participants will create a PowerPoint presentation and give a five to seven minute talk about their interesting case. The session moderator and program attendees will be given an opportunity to comment or ask questions.

All interesting case presentation submissions must include:

  • Presenter's full name
  • Professional biography and CV/resume
  • Reason topic is important
  • Objectives
  • Outline/bullet-point format of presentation

Please submit your interesting case presentation by Wednesday, January 31, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. CST to [email protected].

For questions, please contact Heather Swanson at [email protected]


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